We stand with our black and brown brothers and sisters

We are committed to dismantling the systems, and people’s beliefs, that are gaslighting our fellow Americans.

RICARES’s power and privilege is dedicated to alternative policing solutions, inclusive recovery spaces, and the absolute safety for our staff and their communities. We are invested in restorative justice.

The voices and fear of our fellow peers are ringing out loud. We hope you’re listening Rhode Island. We will continue to watch, and listen, and support our family.


Alternatives to Calling the Police – An Introduction

Stop Law Enforcement Violence Toolkit

Complicated Issues in the Criminal Justice System Explainers

“I feel really vulnerable. I’m rehearsing interactions in my head so I can be prepared if I’m stopped by the police.”


Peer Recovery Specialist

“I’m just so overwhelmed, I can’t even consider that.”


Peer Recovery Specialist

“Inshallah, this will get better.”


Communications Coordinator

“I believe that it is impossible to see repeated acts of brutality or outright murder by an agent of the government, and not feel some sense of disbelief, frustration, and ultimately rage. Reasonable people know that al police aren’t bad. Too many are silenced by a system that would label them “rats” or”snitches” They bear silent witness to the actions of their counterparts, and in this, they are unwilling participants in these acts. Police intervening in illegal actions would be great, but what we need to demand is that the police who commit these illegal actions are treated like what they are: criminals. They are criminals who have betrayed. the public trust and used the power of their office to brutalized the public” 


Peer Recovery Specialist

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