Our Stories

At RICARES we know that we are not alone in our work. We aligned our goals with those of the national New Recovery Advocacy Movement. This movement aims to challenge stigma creating a person centered, strengths based approach to community relationships.

History has taught us that the media, public policymakers, and society, in general, ignore the voice of an individual. When we come together as one, we make an impact that is powerful and is life-changing.

RICARES encourages personal connections with each other and our communities. We encourage these connections as a way to build social capital in recovery. RICARES believes that personal relationships translate into personal power. This power can be harnessed to advocate for your interests and the interests of all those that come behind you.

Personal connections start with learning how to tell your story. There are three basic markers to keep in mind when practicing storytelling:

  1. What it was like.
  2. What happened.
  3. What it is like now.

These three components keep us focused on the positive messaging of recovery!