Recovery Allies

Open to all, the Recovery Ally Training is delivered in an interactive two-hour session, facilitated by a member of our team or a trained community member.

There are five key objectives for the program.

    1. Understand the complex nature of addiction as a disease and that substance use disorders often cannot be resolved by the individual simply choosing to stop.
    2. Confront myths and stigma regarding addiction and recovery and how its negative impact deters individuals from seeking support.
    3. Use empathetic language and effectively listen when a person chooses to honor you by disclosing that they are struggling with substance use and/or other mental and behavioral health challenges.
    4. Define and understand that recovery is a life-time journey with multiple pathways to achieving wellness in recovery.
    5. Know available recovery support resources that are on and off campus and how to access them.

Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming sessions. We are also available for customized sessions for a group based on availability.