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About Diego:

Fun facts: Hobbies include chess, yoga, and reading poetry. I speak English and Spanish. I grew up in Washington DC, but now the Southside of Providence is my home.

About my recovery: My recovery started when I began to heal from sexual abuse I suffered as a child. I connected the dots between PTSD and compulsive binging of alcohol. Therapy, exercise, medication and recovery mentors got me here. I am truly blessed. My recovery lens is SMART Recovery based, but Christianity and Buddhism have also been a major part of my journey. I have lived alcohol-free for almost 3 years and look forward to the next 100!

About Anthony

Fun Facts: Hobbies include reading and going to movies. I studied classical piano then transitioned to public health. Important causes to me include recovery access, HIV/AIDS advocacy, LGBTQ health disparities, anti-racism, and sex workers’ rights. 

About my Recovery: I entered recovery from alcohol use and poly-SUD. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with HIV, and later became a peer navigator for other newly-diagnosed individuals with histories of substance use. Peer support has been the primary element of my personal recovery journey, along with mutual aid groups and CBT. I believe in multiple pathways of recovery, and support others in finding a path that works best for them.

About Liv:

Fun Facts: A few of my many hobbies include collaging, archery and board game collecting. I was born, raised and still live in providence. I’m a proud member and advocate of the LGBTQ community.

About my Recovery: I have suffered from co-occurring mental health issues and SUD. Exploring my queer identity and finding purpose in my community were keys to my recovery. My recovery pathway focused not on where I’d been, but where I wanted to go. I use community, hobbies, therapy and medication to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

About Machiste

Fun Facts:  I may not “look like” it, but I’m a huge comic book and sci-fi nerd.  Actually, I’m a bit of a closet geek. I love RPG’s and have been an avid D&D player for years. I enjoy a good videogame as well. I was involved in the theatre in high school and sang in the glee club.

My Recovery Story: I have found that being honest with myself and with my children has been greatly important. I knew that when I went into treatment, that I had to change my habits and address my trauma for myself and I choose to change my life to alter the course of my childrens. I have also found strength in buddhism. I’m not seeking Nirvana, nor do I profess to be particularly enlightened. Instead, I have opened my mind to new tools that are helping me to navigate a new outlook. 

About Jon

Fun facts: My hobbies include coding, blogging about addiction and recovery research, and working at a bookstore. I taught history before moving to RI. I have lived and travelled around the world.

About my recovery: My recovery incorporates the 12 steps, therapy, medication, yoga, and spirituality. I see addiction as a disease that not only afflicts individuals but transforms the people and their communities. Recovery is growth and transformation. We desperately need new ways to atone, forgive, and live with and beyond pain. This is where healing and justice meet.

About Kevin:

Fun Facts: I love talking about sports. I love to go fishing. I like watching old silent comedies in my spare time. I grew up in Providence RI.

About my Recovery: My recovery was very hard. I did a 100% abstinence type recovery, causing me to have to deal with my mental health issues without medication. My recovery now includes more than one pathway. I really enjoy going to NA and AA meetings.



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