RICARES helps people and agencies struggling to understand recovery. We believe that supportive communities are a human right, and we subscribe to the Recovery Bill of Rights philosophy.

Our Education Program has two components:

Challenging our own Stigma

RICARES partners with Parent Support Network to provide Peer Recovery Support Specialist training. Our training works at increasing the understanding of substance use disorder.

We foster relationships in the recovery community and challenge antiquated ideas about people in recovery: we challenge language that limits the capacity of people.

Resident Documents

RICARES works with various agencies to conduct focused outreach. We work with all sectors of business: private, public and for profit. Our goal is establish the presence of people in long term recovery at all levels of the community.

We partner with Faith Infused Recovery Efforts (FIRE) & Medication Assisted Recovery Coalition (MARC), Anchor Community Centers, mental health organizations, and community care organizations to educate a broader audience about recovery.