In June of 2017 RICARES issued our initial report to the community. We gave an overview of the events leading, and actions taken, to address the accidental opioid overdose death epidemic in our state.
This second report will list some new actions taken by the Governor’s Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task Force (GTF).

  • We will state our perspective of some problematic aspects of the present treatment landscape.
  • We will urge the GTF to rapidly add to and enhance the existing harm reduction efforts and will list a range of specific recommendations.
  • We continue to be moved and inspired by the family members of victims who have decided to speak out and fight back.

Take time to read: RICARES Report To The Community

William White writes, “Through their stories, they are debunking the myth that only bad people from bad families die of drugs. They are saying to their lost loved one, ‘We will not let stigma and shame silence the speaking of your name; we will honor what you meant to us and turn our grief into something of great value to others.'”